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August 6th, 2011 cellphone/text 305-394-1415


You know, I’ve lived here for over 25 years and I STILL wake up every day thinking “I love living here!”

I’m so happy I made this happen for myself.

Of course, I didn’t do it ALL on my own, there was a good deal of conspiracy from the Universe to line up all the details properly, but it all began with my open-hearted DESIRE to be here to begin with.

It seems there are Island People and there are Not. If you’re an Island Person, you know it in your Self and how you feel when you’re here. The Desire is then born to be in the Keys more frequently, or perhaps more permanently. Maybe you think, I could buy a property, vacation here a couple times a year and when I retire, I’ll be a snowbird, live here all winter long. Soon you’re daydreaming about your dock and the boat you always REALLY wanted. Your mind recalls the early morning scent of the ocean and the glittering light sparkling off the water, for a brief moment you think you hear the Island “music”~the rustle of the palm fronds, calls of the earliest gulls, the evocative sighs of the soft tropical cross breezes. When images like these cause you to respond longingly, you’re an Islander-In-The-Making. And your Desire sets Energy in motion that automatically begins to move you toward your goal.

Just for a moment today… or maybe for a short meditation break in your busy life… take a couple of deep breaths with deep exhalations, and relax. Close your eyes and open your mind and heart, and in the privacy of your own head, IMAGINE. Imagine. What would my life be like if I was doing what I REALLY wanted to do?

If ever I can help you explore your Heart’s Desires in regard to living in Paradise, please feel free to contact me. Email is, texting and talking 305-394-1415. Have a wonderful day ;~)

Always Paradise

August 5th, 2011

Always Beaming in the Smilin' Islands!

I recently returned from a year and a half RV trip across America, after
living full time in the Keys for 25 years. It was an amazing experience.
We traveled slowly from east to west, took the lesser roads, ate at the
locals’ places and listened to the voices of the people wherever we went.
As magnificent and full of wonder as our country is, I never did find a
place I liked better than the Fabulous Florida Keys.

We were in Denver in May when the call came there was a family emergency,
and when the decision was made to return to live full time here again ~ as
Summer approached ~ it caused me pause as I was enjoying the lovely cool
nights and high 70′s Colorado Spring. I groaned to think we were heading
into the Tropics in the hottest, most humid time of year.

How ironic that we drove into Key Largo on the 4th of July weekend only to
find out then and throughout the month, that temperatures in our jewel-like
chain of islands were among the coolest in the nation, AND we had those
relief-bearing ocean breezes to keep even the humidity doable. Day after
day the news reported the misery in the Northern states (mainland Florida
and upward!) as we here in the Keys lived summer as usual: poolside, on the
boat, lobstering, grilling under the palms. Oh yes, and SELLING REAL ESTATE
at a brisker pace than recent years, Hallelujah! (Congratulations
Freewheeler, for the frontrunner position here in Islamorada!)

Winter, Summer, Spring, Autumn. It really doesn’t matter what time of year
you’re talking about, this is ALWAYS PARADISE in the Gorgeous Florida Keys.
It’s a great time to make that Island purchase, people ~ and Welcome to
Monroe County where the weather just can’t be beat! 305-394-1415 anytime if ever I can be of assistance to you in making your real estate transactions.